søndag 13. september 2015

A fight between a fox and a minotaur

For his :iconsignsoflifeonmars: birthday I drew two of the characters in this:

I tried to emulate his style a little bit in the way he darkshades.

søndag 6. september 2015

Pain with her magic box

Pain with her magic box
Made for my friend Terraaah for her birthday.

It was a nice experiment with light and colors.

søndag 30. august 2015

søndag 23. august 2015


For :iconthehungrysuccubus: because it is her birthday and she likes sheeps and bees.

mandag 10. august 2015


I got the urge to draw some planets after playing Endless space for quite some hours.

lørdag 14. mars 2015

Misako fixing a car

A drawing of Misako, a character that belogns to a friend, fixing a car.